The ultimate
6-step guide to implementing a cycling plan in your company

Explore the e-book for specific steps that you can take to establish a transportation mobility solution customized for your company.

6 step guide for your company

What to expect in this e-book?

The impact of providing green mobility to employees not only increases well-being, productivity and decreases stress levels. It also increases retention rates. 

This e-book is a tool for employers and aims to answer the following 4 areas:

correct To remind employers of the regulatory framework applicable to bicycle mobility.
correct To propose an approach enabling employers to better understand the issues.

To implement relevant and positive actions in order to monitor developments in cycling. 

correct To provide keys to success and examples of good practices implemented by employers in Belgium.

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“Informative and to the point E-Book. Definitely gave our team ideas for how we can increase our employees' wellbeing. We look forward to working with Donkey Republic!

Marc V., HR & Talent acquisition manager

Donkey Republic, a flexible bike-sharing system for your employees

Empower your employees with a convenient corporate bike membership and make a positive impact on your business.


Hassle-free service, no keys or facilitation needed

correct Bicycles always available nearby and in all Donkey cities in Europe
correct Provide an extra benefit for your employees
correct Virtual hub on private grounds of your company

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